Who I Am.


I am you.

Because I am still learning too.

We Are All Still Learning.

The only difference right now may be how I see.

I see you.

Not who you think you should be – who you are.

What you see as a struggle – I see as a beautiful gift.

What you see as a sacrifice – I see as a conscious choice.

What you see as a thought – I see as it is.

As it simply is.

Because Life just is.

Life isn’t all good – because it isn’t all bad.

It simply is.

Which is how I learned to heal my own thoughts.

By seeing the Wholeness – not the opposite.

To return to the Balance – where I am.

And I am here – exactly where I want to be.

It was something I simply knew.

But what I had to do was consciously learn was how to do it for me too.

How to consciously learn that it was for me too.

Receive it for me too.

Receive the gift that I have been given too.

The gift of who I am.

Because I am allowed to do it for me too.

Just like you.

Because we have all been given the gift of who we are.

You have too.

Because it is for you too.

You are for you too.

The gift of who you are.

The gift of you.

I am you.

Because We Are All Still Learning.

And you can learn how to do it for you too.

My name is Isabel Mar and I am your guide to you.

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Thank you for being you.