Return to the Joy of Being You.

You don’t need to keep struggling every day.
You don’t need to keep hiding behind your smile.
You don’t need to keep pretending it doesn’t exist.

You can understand it.

It is a Thought that makes You think You are all alone.
It is a Thought that makes You think You are no longer enough.
It is a Thought that makes You think You are no longer worthy and deserving too.

Yet You are not a Thought.

You already are You.
And You are Here.
You have always been Here.
You can see how You are still Here too.

Your mind simply learned a daily habit.

A Daily Habit of Thinking about You.

Which is how your mind learned to overthink.
How your mind learned to be constantly on too.

Which is why You see your mind as your own worst enemy.

Because You simply haven’t learned yet everything your own mind can also do.

Because your own mind can see the Understanding too.

To heal the Thought.
To clear the Thought.
To release You from the Thought too.

Because once You understand, You no longer need to think about it.

Once your mind understands, your mind no longer needs the Thought anymore too.

So your mind is no longer racing.
You are no longer stuck in your own head too.

You can teach your mind a new Daily Practice too.

A Daily Practice of Returning.
Returning Here.
With You.

Because You are the master of your own mind.

Your mind can be your best friend too.

This is Purejoojoo.

Your Daily Purejoojoo Practice is how You begin.

10 minutes a day.
One week at a time.
$10 per week.