Purejoojoo Sessions

Experience the Joy of the Release.

You don’t need to keep living in the Sadness.

You don’t need to keep holding onto the Hurt too.

You can understand it.

To stop letting your thoughts control You.

To stop being a victim to your own story too.

Because You are the master of your own mind.

Your thoughts aren’t the master of You.

Be responsible for your own thoughts.

To be responsible for your own joy and happiness too.

Experience a whole new way of experiencing You.

This is what Purejoojoo can do.

For You too.

Your Purejoojoo Session has two parts:

The first part is the Emotional Healing.

  • We begin to unravel the layers of thoughts that keep You trapped inside your own mind: I ask you some questions and then I listen. Listen to what You have to say. So I can gently guide You to the Understanding of what your own thoughts are doing to You. And give you the Understanding of what your own mind can do with the Thought too. So You can experience the Freedoms and the Joy of the Release too.
  • We practice: We do exercises that use your own voice to learn how to stand up to the Thought so your mind understands what you want to do with the Thought. With every thought you learned to think about You. To begin to shift your mind from the Thinking to the Understanding too. The Understanding of You.

The second part is the Complete Release.

  • Simply listen and receive: For the second part of your session, I take you through a Guided Purejoojoo Breathing Experience.  So you can experience how it feels to return to You. Released from your thoughts. Released from your own mind too. For 15 minutes, all you need to do is simply listen and receive. To understand how your mind can do more than just think. Your mind can do more than just think about You. To experience the Release. To experience how it feels when you allow You to return Here too.


Purejoojoo Sessions work because I see You.
So You can see You again too.


The Purejoojoo Program.

Break the Daily Habit of Thinking about You.

  • For 6 weeks, I will be your personal guide to teach your mind a new skill to break You out of the cycle of your own thoughts
  • Every week, we meet for 60 minutes either in person or by Zoom
  • After each session, you will receive your daily Purejoojoo homework for the week
  • Every day, you will also receive your Daily Purejoojoo reminder email to remember how You already are You
  • You will also receive a customized Purejoojoo journal for your Daily Purejoojoo Practice after your first session
  • Program cost is $750
  • Payment can be made in weekly installments prior to each session

The Immediate Release.

Experience how it feels to return to You.

  • Before you sign up for the Purejoojoo Program, you can do a single Purejoojoo Session to experience what it means to be who You are. Not who you think You should be. 
  • 60 minute session
  • Cost is $150

Take back control of your mind.

To take back control of your own life.

This is Purejoojoo.