Return to You.

Experience the Immediate Release.

You don’t need to keep living in the Sadness.
You don’t need to keep holding onto the Hurt for the rest of your life too.

You can understand it.

To stop letting your thoughts control You.
To stop being a victim to your own story too.

You just need a gentle guide to help You see You again.
Until You see You again too.

Your Purejoojoo Session has two parts.

The first part is the Emotional Healing.

We begin by unravelling the layers of thoughts that keep You
trapped inside your own mind.

I ask you some questions and then I listen.
Listen to what You have to say.

So I can gently guide You to the Understanding of what your own thoughts are doing to You.
And give you the Understanding of what your own mind can do with the Thought too.

Because right now, all your thoughts are blinding You from seeing what You are doing to You.
Because right now, your mind is filled with all your Thoughts about You.

And then we do exercises so You can practice using your own voice to stand up to the Thought.
To speak up to the Thought too.

So your mind understands what You want it to with the Thought.
So your own mind understands how to release You from the Thought too.

The second part is the Complete Release.

I take you through a Guided Purejoojoo Breathing Experience.

15 minutes of simply being Here.
With You.

To experience how it feels to be released from your thoughts.
To experience how it feels for your mind to be released from the constant chatter too.

To return to Joy again to.

The Transformation is real.
The Transformation is true.

Because You already are You.
No thought required.

And You are Here.
You have always been Here.
Your own mind can learn how to return You Here too.

To return Home.
With You.

Purejoojoo Sessions are $150 for 60 minutes.

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I will respond within 24 hours.