Your Voice.


Here are a few of the wonderful people that I have had the honour to work with:

My time with Isabel helped me work through a difficult transition in my life. Months later, I am continuing to use the new conscious thoughts we created during our work together. They helps me refocus my brain and I remember that we are all still learning.” – Lexis K.

“My time with Isabel and her beautiful, honest and kind soul, have turned my world into a place of infinite possibilities. From day one, healing and transforming thoughts were taking shape. Our weekly Purejoojoo practice clicked for me and created an internal dialogue that was much more than “think positive” it was a beautiful and unwavering trust that I’m completely taken care of. Always. My biggest and most challenging awareness was learning how to release and trust. Still today, my Purejoojoo practice and daily journaling immediately shifts how I think and respond to EVERYTHING – family, friends, clients, strangers, even rush hour traffic. I’m grateful to know that at any point when life is feeling chaotic and messy, I can stop and see the lesson in any situation; It’s a relief to let go of old controlling and defensive habits and know (and trust completely) that I’m exactly where I need to be and everything is happening as it should…and that it’s also true for everyone around me.” – Tricia W.

I will forever be grateful for meeting Isabel and discovering Purejoojoo. The beautiful messages learned through practicing Purejoojoo everyday revitalized my LOVE of Life! Spending most of my life being my own worst enemy and trying many self-help techniques and professional counseling, I can honestly say through the guidance Isabel offered and the healing atmosphere she created I now smile brighter because I know I am enough, just as I am. Being at ease with who I am has granted me the ability to truly love and accept others. With the tools Purejoojoo teaches it is possible to change your conscious response to what is happening around you and in your own mind. It is my belief that Purejoojoo has the ability to change the world because it changed my world! I now have an inner peace and joy that comes from simply being.” – Rachel S.

“Purejoojoo for me, has been a homecoming; a return to my breath, understanding who I am, and ultimately love. Isabel fosters the awareness to experience these wonderful things again, but seemingly for the first time. The methods utilized in Purejoojoo enable me to release old patterns, seeing them in a new light…my own light.” – Mark S.

“I came to PureJooJoo after meeting Isabel at an event in September of 2014, and I believe there was a reason for that. I have always seen the benefits of mindfulness and retraining my thoughts, but I have never truly committed to it, partially because being in my own head could be scary enough on its own sometimes, not to mention when you start digging up the WHY and some deep-seated self-esteem issues. PureJooJoo helps you not to “find” yourself, because “you” have been there all along, waiting for you to turn off your mind and listen! I have implemented the training tools morning and night for over one month, and I can really see the difference in my actions and thoughts. I really like how PureJooJoo doesn’t promise inner peace and bliss every day the rest of your life, but instead shows you how to RESPOND when things come up in life, as they always do, and not to be a slave to your emotions. I am so happy I became involved in the program, and no matter where you are in your life or your mindfulness practice, PureJooJoo simplifies and distills powerful messages about how incredible it is to simply be who you are!” – Alyssa B.

“I have always been somewhat of a spiritual or soulful person, at least I always thought about it and had started my journey for self discovery a little while before I was introduced to Purejoojoo. I was always a believer in the synchronicity of life but it was only reconfirmed when I was introduced to Purejoojoo and I jumped at the opportunity because it resonated with me in a way that I have never felt before.I always felt like when the time was right to dive into myself that the right opportunity would arise and it was up to me to grab it. I knew I was ready to accept and really put forth the effort. That opportunity arose when Isabel introduced Purejoojoo to me and others during a networking event and I was immediately hooked. Everything she spoke about was everything I had always thought but didn’t have the courage to believe it because of my own personal reasons. I knew the time had come and my guide had arrived. Working with Isabel and practicing the Purejoojoo techniques has been one of the most rewarding processes I have ever gone through. It has opened my heart and mind in a way I cannot put into words. The lightness and energy I know have for life is remarkable. You have no choice but to be captivated by the radiance that Isabel emits from her soul. I no longer feel separated from the world. I now feel so connected to the wholeness of life. I am so confident in the path that life has presented to me that I no longer see life’s struggles. Life struggles are now transformed into a new and exciting opportunity to learn and grow. Life really is amazingly simple. If you go through this journey your life will transform and start to unfold with amazing ease and synchronicity. Once we open our hearts and mind to the infinite abundance of life, and trust complete in life and ourselves, then everything changes. The lens filter is finally taken off and the world shines brighter than you have ever experienced before. The feeling of exuberance and childlike sensation almost gives you a feeling of disbelief of how good life can really be. You start to feel guilty that others don’t feel like this. But that is OK because everyone is on their own path and that must be respected. I wake up everyday now with an excitement that can only be described as joyful. Because as excitement fades like all emotions what is left is the eternal bliss and joy that you feel in your heart. When you start to understand that your own love can transform your life and the people in it to a higher level than ever thought possible it really does open you to receiving all that life wants to show and give you. We are all deserving. I promise that anyone who makes the small effort needed to start this process that after, your life will flourish like nothing you’ve experience before. Relationships will grow stronger, your financial position will improve, and everything else around you will get better. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to go through this process. If your heart and mind is open, this will be an experience that will be one that you can learn and grow from to become powerful beyond measure in this life and the next.” – Kaleb B.

“Purejoojoo was the awakening I didn’t know I needed. Working in the health and wellness industry myself, I assumed I had most of my bases covered. In my mind I knew what I needed to do it was just a matter of doing it. I was looking for the push that would fix everything. Which is where the universe brought Isabel and Purejoojoo into my life. Purejoojoo didn’t give me a push, what Purejoojoo did was give me a purpose. Because that was what had been missing my whole life. Years of highs and lows with my body and self had left me feeling hollow and trapped in a cycle that I accepted as normal. And I would still be in that cycle if Isabel and Purejoojoo had not shown me that the power of lasting change is in changing your thoughts! Having the right tools is one thing but having the right reasons is what breaks the cycle! The lessons I learned in this program are with me everyday. And everyday is a wonderful experiance to have!” – Jessica D.

“Thank you for existing and serving me beyond my imagination. Seriously. I’ve now had the good fortune to work with Purejoojoo two times. The first time I was drawn in by Isabel’s radiance in the gym and wanted to take my fitness to a new level, I did and I also needed to receive and learn to own my own power and not give it away to someone or a concept, rather to trust my body and its messages to me. I believe it’s been about five years later when I came to Purejoojoo again and this time doing training long distance. I was in a whole new place literally and figuratively having practiced and studied meditation for three years I loved and trusted myself in a whole new and other way. What Purejoojoo facilatated for me this time was to be able to bring my awaremess from breathing into a fitness/spirituality/food practice and that my love is always with me at anytime. With Purejoojoo, Isabel helped me to connect in on a whole other plane daily with positive thoughts and trusting in a whole other paradigm and process of living. Her book is an excellent companion to her training as it’s a simple but a retraining of the thoughts you think regarding your body, your position in the world and your very essence… as she says for GOOD! Whatever you need out of your training with Purejoojoo you get it and more of that which you hadn’t even imagined. That’s the beauty of Purejoojoo when you give it, it comes back in ways beyond your control. I think what really sets Isabel apart is that her work and trainings will meet you where you need to be met and it’s your job to trust the process and your process. Thank you Isabel and Purejoojoo!” – Rachel N.